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Can we rent a saddle ?

The answer is "Yes", and it is possible to rent a saddle and this activity is really successful especially in this summer period. For the price, it all depends on the type of saddle, but it is important to make an online comparison.

Why do you need to rent a saddle?

Your saddle is under repair, you expect a saddle that is in knowledge, you hesitate if a saddle will suit your horse, your horse is still too young to consider a final saddle, your horse comes out of an illness, you want to make a hike, but you only have one saddle of riding or dressage, you use a replacement horse, bred there are several reasons to consider a saddle rental. The saddles adapt to each type of horse, and it is important that you bring the horse for a try. The experts are also at your service for this and this rental is under contract of course. Several options are also available, so you have a choice.

The price of the rental of the saddle

When you start, renting riding equipment avoids massive outings of money and allows you to test the real motivation that you have in this discipline. Nothing prevents then, if one decides to continue this activity, to invest in new material later. For an information title, the offers a mode of saddle rental of horse. It will be a kit product and the checks are very strict before the engagement. Rentals are for periods of 2 months minimum and start from €55/month. A deposit of a few hundred euros is paid which will be refunded at the end of the rental. The marks of the saddle depend on each shop, but normally they are saddles of good quality that for the synthetic saddles or leather.

Another idea is to drop off your riding equipment when you are on leave for a certain time can help us with the maintenance of the horse.

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