Horse pasture
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How to choose a great pasture for your horse ?

The horse is a herbivore. The grass can cover 45 to 90% of total annual nutritional needs depending on the type and breed of horses.

What you need to know to have a good pasture...

A reasoned and careful management of grazing is needed to make its efficient and sustainable use in feeding horses. To optimize the use of the grass in the ration of horses by offering a young and palatable grass, it will maintain vegetation cover leaf stage and limit bolting. For this, rotational grazing is preferred over continuous grazing. Grazing "turning" or rotation is to divide the surface available in 3-6 parcels. Each plot will be grazed successively to exploit the grass at the optimum cycle stage (stage leafy grasses). Horses only or associated to cattle graze successively the plots of land moved more or less quickly from a sub-plot of land to the other one according to the cycles and by modulating the load, that is the number of horses by hectare.

Introduce the horses in a field at the right time

The horse preferring the rich young grass, it is recommended to return the animals early enough before the rise of grass. This also corresponds to the stage where the meadow has the best food values. And above all you must not wait that horses have grass up to his knees! An entry in the plot when on average the grass to a height of 6 to 10 cm is a good goal. If it exceeds 15 cm it is already too advanced. The plot is considered good when the grass is grazed on average about 5 cm (ie above the sole of the shoe).

Three possibilities are open to you to find a meadow:
First possibility: you own a home with a large meadow adjoining, this is a great opportunity for you.
Second possibility: farmers or individuals offer to rent a field to host your horses.
Third possibility: the equestrian center offers various accommodation options: the pension meadow, mixed pension meadow / box where the horse came home for the night.

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