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How to communicate with your horse ?

Observational studies on wild horses have taught us that in the herd or flock, the hierarchy is very strong, and communication between group members is rich and varied. It occurs mainly in the form of body language that all horses recognize from birth.
In the herd, there is still a dominant horse (which is also sometimes a leader) and clears the respect and trust of his peers. To become a referent for the horse, try to have the same attitude and the same language as the dominant herd (just attitude, warn before acting in 5 phases, ...).

The basic principles of good partner

They consist of:
- Can observe.
- Know how to move.
- Know relieve pressure at the right time.
- Work with the 5 phases.
- Be positive projection.
If one wants to communicate with his horse, it should also be a good teacher who correctly teaches his horse, that is : to know how to explain and reassure, repeat patiently, have a real program, have lots of ideas, knowledge and good use of different communication tools.
In your relation to the horse, you often get to make it do something. you have several tools at your disposal: the attitude (gestures and posture), voice, and touch. To communicate with his attitude, horseman must learn the gestures which the horse reacts, modulate and control. The messages you send it must be clear: each request must be clear, consistent and accurate, and the same result.You do ask a horse than it is able to do.
To really get in touch with a horse and so communicate with it, you must first use as close as possible to those rites horses. Firstly, and whatever one wants to do with a horse, it should remain calm, patient and tolerant. Each communication is a dialogue: you must not forget that if you learn to communicate with the horse, the horse learns to communicate with you and it feels and interprets everything.

Additional information on communication with horses here :

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