Horse pasture

Find a pasture for the best of your horse !

You have a true passion for horse and would put the pre either for a fixed period or not? Then you must trust experts as Thehorspasture to help and advise you in your approach. It is important to prepare this if you want it to be entirely successful. To put his horse to the green, it is actually easy to take advice from professionals. Thehorsepasture will accompany you in all the steps to follow. You can then find all the information you need for everything to be perfectly successful.

The choice of place

It is essential to first find a suitable and secure location that would suit best for his horse by region. It is important that it can move while feeling free. To do this, you have booked at least one hectare per horse. The space that you book it will be sufficient for him to supply sufficient quantities. You still have to give additional fodder or granules in case it fails grass. You should also know that the horse drinks usually between thirty and forty liters of water per day. It is therefore essential that the place you choose has a water area so that it therefore can not run out. You should also check if the place where you will place it is or is not in good condition. For example you should check if the energizer is in working condition, if the rising grass, where ribbons or broken son on the perimeter, so items like old gear rusty hanging around the corner or if the place is surrounded by barbed wire. Note that the latter present a real danger to your horse because they cause serious injury. You should also know that the installation of a shelter for your mount is ideal for it to protect themselves at all times to put in the shade or to prevent insects that trees can offer protection to, all natural.

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